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Good News for folding carton users
No more carton related complaints on Colour Density, Missing Colour, Mix-ups for multi-location, Die & Creased out or Glue joint opening.

Sounds difficult but not impossible at AWARD with ‘HHS Quality System’ installed on our manufacturing lines at our factory in Navi Mumbai.

The HHS Quality System (formerly known as KURANDT) is a stringently accurate technology that can reject a bad carton even at the 70,000 to 100,000 an hour speeds of the folder gluer. It checks for colour density, missing colour, die & creasing distances, and for glue spot thickness. It also avoids mix-ups if the carton is the same colour but for different location. The cartons not matching the approved master specimen stored in on-line database are rejected & also damaged on-line making it impossible for the rejected carton to creep in a commercial consignment even by error.

This system has been installed to improvise our current systems and to deliver error free material to our valuable customers.

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